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We collaborate with people in creating vibrant, clear + lively web presences to share their story with the world.

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Photo credit: Elaina Mortali Photography | Iceland 2017

mungy /mung-Ghee/

What’s in a name?! Well, ours has sparked quite a bit of curiosity. So here’s our story in a “watermelon”. The name started with a 2-year-old and the cute way she said watermelon, yup you guessed it, Mungy {mung-ghee}. Solana, our oldest, started the household name for watermelon back in 2010 right around the time Susanna started running around after kids in diapers and designing websites during big naps.

We help businesses of all kinds tell their stories with soul

All our websites are a visual storytelling experience that spotlight the clients we work with.

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Realize the potential in everything + everyone.

"I can hardly believe where this has gotten to, from my total lack of inspiration to 100% "wow." I would say that working with you brings out my best -- except this is much better than that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!"

- Jessica Burlingame / Agon Advisors

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